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Student Panel-IAP 2015

IAP 2015
Beberapa minggu yang lalu dapet email dari Tante Julie (ISSU Flinders) yang mengundang saya untuk jadi narasumber dalam student panel di IAP (Introductory Academic Program) 2015. Awalnya saya tolak, mengingat sadar akan nilai ipk yang pas2an :p
Tante Julie meminta dengan sopan untuk mempertimbangkannya lagi karena yang diminta bukan hanya penjelasan tentang akademik, akan tetapi bagaimana kita beradaptasi, tantangan yang kita hadapi selama di Australia dan solusi yang telah berhasil kita lakukan.
Iseng nulis draft di blog karena bingung mau nulis draft dimana:p


Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
It is a greeting from Muslim to other Muslim which mean ‘May the peace, mercy, and blessing of God be with you’.

How are you going? Apa kabar?
Do you feel happy in Adelaide? Excited? Or Anxious? or mix of them?
I felt the same as you do one year ago 🙂
I felt happy and also worried.
Worried to face different culture, far from my family, worried to do assignments in the uni and how to participate in class.

From all of my concerns, I tried to breakdown one by one the solutions to overcome it and to settle in Adelaide.
Settling in Adelaide is one of the key factor that have big impact in your study.

There are several steps that I did to settle down:

  1. Learn the Australian culture. For example, call the person, even your lecturer with his/her first name, not Mister, Misses or Professor. It is good to erase distance between you and your lecturer. Next, discipline culture in time and traffic whether you are a pedestrian, traveling by car or bicycle.
  2. Permanent accommodation. You can find the suitable accommodation in, and You must compete with other applicants and the landlord or agent will decide who is the prospect tenant that can pay or have good track record and recommendation. It is easy to find second hand furniture and house utensil in Lions Club Blackwood, Savers, Salvos and Red Cross.
    Tips: when you have an inspection, fill the form straight away and complete your supporting documents on the spot (passport, letter from ISSU, student id card, driving licence, bank statement)
    Connect the electricity, gas and internet (ask for a discount)
  3. How to bring your family to Australia.
    Upgrade OSCH, Childcare, CCB (Imunisation history, aplication form, TFN)
  4. Finally, if you have any problem and difficulties to settle down or in your study, you can talk to ISSU as our ‘parents’ in Australia. They will assist and direct you to the services that relates to your issues.
    Problems in writing, go to SLC
    Anxiety in your study, exam, presentation, time management, disability, or even relationship, you can go to Student Counseling Service. The counselor are professional and can help you to solve the issue.

The last but not lease, make friends and enjoy your time in Adelaide. Enjoy Adelaide Festival, various beaches, Adelaide CBD and bush walking or cycling in Adelaide Hills and many National Park that can be easily reached by public transport.
Thank you very much and enjoy Adelaide!



  1. Nice artikelnya… Dan infonya membantu sekali semoga kebaikannya makin bertambah… Amiin

  2. Keren bgt acaranya

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