Posted by: dhanichagi | December 16, 2013

Nice to Ride With You Mr Troll

It was the time to say good bye to my Surly Troll when I got email from Qantas that there’s no free baggage for sports equipment. Bicycle as a sports equipment still can be brought into the plane, but it include my checked baggage allowance. I have 40 kg baggage allowance and my bike itself weight more than 20 kg. As a result, it is impossible to bring Surly Troll to Australia.


It is difficult to keep this cromoly bike for two years without proper maintenance. I’m afraid humidity can make Surly Troll rusty, therefore I decided to sell it. The price of brand new Surly Troll about 6.3 million rupiah and I sold it for 4.6 million rupiah to Om Adesoe. It was a fair price I think. I only use it for several times and I never use it in long distance cycling more than 100 km.

I’ve search for the exact Surly Troll in Adelaide, it cost $2200 for full bike with 9 speed Deore groupset! It’s so so so expensive!
I have to find another bike which is cost around $500. Is it possible? I hope 😀
See you in the next few weeks Adelaide!

Troll offroad at Romod

Troll offroad at Romod

P.s. You must unplug your seatpost regularly to avoid a stick seatpost in a steel frame. Sorry Om Adesoe 🙂


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