Posted by: dhanichagi | October 21, 2013

End of The Road AAS 3M7


Last Saturday was our final day in IALF. We took IELTS test, which was quite easy difficult. I missed some parts of listening and also didn’t understand a few numbers in reading test. I hope I will have enough score to fulfill university requirements. After the test, we went to Pasar Festival to practice our talent in singing at Inul Vista :p

A day before that, we had AAS closing ceremony, which was very entertaining because the student representative showed a very funny speech. Next, we took some photos and went to Setiabudi One to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. He didn’t have any batik, so we gave him two batik shirts. A box of Beng Beng and a hand of bananas were also given as a gift (those are his favorite meals). He was very delighted and felt surprise when he read the birthday card. It was written: Happy birthday A*hole! :D. Weka also wrote the birthday card in Javanese alphabet, which he didn’t want to mention what it means. Besides that, we made 3M7 class uniforms. They were grey hoodie sweater with a picture of Australia continent and our class name in it. I liked the color and it really useful in Australia cold weather.

We spent three months learning academic writing, IELTS, study skills, cross cultural studies to face culture shock, Microsoft software tricks, and referencing. Our teachers thought us with western way, which made us shocked at the first phase of the course. After that, we were usual to follow teachers instructions, tasks, and accept direct criticism due to our writing. The purpose was to make good writing as postgraduate students and avoid plagiarism. Learning strategies in Australia is different than Indonesia. Students must have critical thinking, independent learning, active, and explore many resources through library or by doing study group. There were different cultures and habits in Australia, such as how to handshake, ask personal questions, using toilet without any water, barbeque, and Australian slang.

Luckily, we have great teacher and also fantastic classmates. Andrew is very expressive person. He likes to do something funny and have interesting expression when teaching. He is one of the youngest teacher in IALF, and it made us easy to communicate and chat about our experience and stories. On the other hand, his mood sometimes fluctuate, maybe because we annoyed him :D. His master’s degree background made us clear how to have postgraduate standard of writing. Until now, I think we still need to improve our academic writing though. In addition, I had great friends in class, which made the course exciting. In spite of most of them were civil servants, they were very active and can made loud lough for the whole day.

Today is the first day I go the office again and I already miss the moments in IALF. I missed when we had had our breakfast in canteen, did the homework and assignments in the library, lough out loud in the class, oleh-oleh every day, wore same clothes color every Monday, took many pictures everywhere, ate in warung at Gang Senggol, and queued at the prayer room…

Although only me who applied uni in Adelaide, I hope we could meet together in Australia next year and continued our friendship forever 🙂

Good luck mate!
See you in Australia!

P.S. All photos belongs to WAM!



  1. spelling error, check your spelling carefully before handing in to me, how many time should i tell you?? *andrews voice tone*

    • Rubbish! I cannot repeat what i’ve said before. You annoyed me Dene! *lho*

  2. Ooo.. Temenku Fahd Djibran ikut juga yah! 😉

    • Wuiiih temennya Fahd om? Penulis dan businessman yang handal! 😀

      • Temen kuliah S1 di Univ. Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. 😀

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