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Tengkorak (Skull) Run!

tengkorak run 4+

Last Sunday, me with my friends from Indonesian Biking Adventure (IBA) participated in Tengkorak Run, which was running event held by Tengkorak Battalion in Karawang, West Java. Tengkorang (skull) is the name of Yonif Linud 305 airborne battalion that conducted 10K and 5K running race and organized by Agus Harimurti as a head of Garuda Finisher. It was kinda scary name for a military, or even for running competition. The logo was a head skull with military knife across its mouth.

I woke up around 2am and got prepared to meeting point in front of Antam building. Agung, Kak Tense, Abu and Ncung picked me up at a half past three and we took off to Karawang. It was very light traffic and we arrived at Maswang’s house in Karawang for almost an hour since we got lost when tried to find his house. We had had our breakfast there, a cup of coffee, and then we went to the race starting point to warm up and take pictures! 😀

At 6.15, the race was started with five Tengkorang Companies as the first contestants. Around 10 soldiers in a team, wore army boots and other gears, include a 17kg backpack. About 20 minutes later, 10K race begun with most of the runners from military, it could be seen on their hair cuts :p
Meanwhile, there were also Indorunners who joined this event and of course athletes from international and local region. Agung, Maswang and Abu ran fastly at about 4 minutes per kilometer pace. On the other hand, I tried to follow them, but I knew my limit. I only ran at 6 minutes per kilometer, well at least I had tried my best to run fast.

tengkorak run 1

At starting line

The route of Tengkorang Run was from Tengkorak Battalion army base, through a brand new deluxe housing complex and then to Sunday Market and took U-turn near Karawang main road. Overall, it was comfortable route because many marshalls guided and also guarded the runners since most of the committees were army soldiers. By the way, remind me to wear hat and sun glasses when running, due to shinning sun and hot weather in Karawang. Lucky me, there were many water stations, so I didn’t dehydrate and had enough water to pour to my head, which I regretted it since the jersey made from cotton and it absorbed water….
The funny thing was when I ran behind one of the commander, every marshal saluted him and of course the commander also replied back. This situation happened all the way from start untill finish line. He was busy to ‘wave’ to all of his staff and could not concentrate in running 🙂

Usually in 10K running race, runners run fast only in the beginning of the race. In the last 5K, they are already exhausted and slowing down their pace, or even walk. Unfortunately not in this event… Maybe because not many participants from outside military, people ran very fast in the first kilometer and ran faster in the rest of the event! WOW! I only catched up few people and many females passed me, most of them from Indorunners. I left behind 2 kilometers from Agung and Maswang, and the best thing was, I saw Mba Nancy ran in front of Agung. I wonder how I could follow them to have great pace in running.

tengkorak run 5

Skull Finisher Medals

Finally I heard people shouting and cheering, it was the last kilometer and I increased my pace untill the finish line. A beautiful girl gave me a finisher medal, that was my first medal after three times join running race. I was happy, felt excited and proud to get personal best in 10K, an hour and two minutes. I hope I can improve my running pace in the future. Before we got back to Jakarta, Maswang family treated us with delicious lunch with ikan asin and pepes patin. Nyummy…

Thanks a lot Om Agung, Ka Tense, Abu, Ncung, Maswang, Mba Nancy, dan Om Reza. See you in Adidas King of The Road 😀

Delicious lunch :)

Delicious lunch 🙂

P.S. all photos courtesy of Maswang dan Mba Nancy


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