Posted by: dhanichagi | September 12, 2013

Pre-Departure Training at I/AL/F/


I have three months pre-departure training at I/A/L/F/ before I go to Australia in January 2014. It is located in Menara Selatan 3rd floor, Plaza Kuningan, about 12 kilometers from my house. In my class, there are 15 students who most of them are civil servants. We have been teached about general english, academic writing, IELTS preparation, cross cultural studies, and basic computer knowledge. Every Friday, there is Australian movie that can we watch, furthermore, once or twice a month there is guest speaker from Australian university professor who talk about current issues in their field of study.

Many facilities provided by I/A/L/F/ to help students learn english. There is a library with many resources, such as IELTS books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and computers with internet and tv connections. In my whole life, this is the only library that I enjoy most. I never spend a lot of time in libary before. Since there are many tasks in here, I must spend my time to do research for my essay. Moreover, to learn speaking, there is a language lab that can assess our speaking ability. There is also computer lab that have software to support students in academic writing, for example, Rationale which can improve our plan to write essays. Before or after class, students can have a cup of tea or coffee in common room. For breakfast and lunch, there is a canteen in this building complex, eventually sometimes we go to Setiabudi One or Pasar Festival to have our meal. The most important for moslem students is a prayer room, which is provided, but it is very small and not accomodate all of the people here.

Teachers in I/A/L/F/ are from UK and Australia. Andrew Riley, my class teacher, is from Liverpool. He is very expressive when teaching and very good in writing. He has tried very hard to improve our writing skills to reach the standard of postgraduate students. I hope he we can make it 😀

What I like most in this course is the building has bicycle parking lot, which is guarded and chained by security officers. It nice to see many bicycles are parked here. Unfortunately, the building management do not provides with shower facility, so I must go to Kuningan earlier so that I do not have much sweat :p

My current assignment is to write 1500 words essay. I do not have any experience to write a paper, because I haven’t got any essay assignment in my previouse uni. Therefore, I must learn how to paraphrase or summarize many journals. Wish me luck! 🙂


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