Posted by: dhanichagi | August 26, 2013

Independence Day Run 17K: The Longest Run in My Life


In fasting month, I never have running exercise, even just to take a walk in the morning due to my pre-departure training in I/A/L/F. It starts at 7 in the morning and finish at 13.00 or 15.00, but I usually go to the library after studying in class and do the homework or self studying. *I try to be diligent student* ūüėõ
To maintain my body and in order to keep fit, I am cycling to I/A/L/F every day. It is quite exhausted because I am fasting and getting back home when the sun is still shinning brightly.

After one month ‘free’ from running, I’ve been ask by my friends to join Independence Day¬†Run, which organized by Garuda Finisher, which is Agus Harimurti, President’s son,¬†running team. It was held to¬†celebrate Indonesian Independence¬†Day on 17 August 1945 and opened by President in Presidencial Palace. The unique part was the catagories are devided by two: 17K and 8K, also had 45,000 the participants as representation of the independence date.

The Race

I enrolled for 17K, which was my longest run ever, and I was practicing only¬†seven times before the race. At first, I wanted to cycle with my friends to Monas, but I had trouble with my bike’s tire. So, I decided to take the¬†first train to Juanda Station and met with my office friends.

Unfortunately, I had stomach ache before the race.
I rushed to the toilet and it made me late for the race!
I was only¬†the red t-shirt participant in thousands of¬†white t-shirts who had not started yet (red t-shirt¬†was for 17K participant, while white t-shirt for 8K). Instead of tried to rush and start running, I took this rare opportunity to take photos with presidential palace guard, like Mr Bean movie ūüėÄ

The army didn't move or even stole a glance to us

The army didn’t move or even stole a glance to us

The race was started at six sharp, and I started to run at 6.50. It was only light jogging since a lot of white t-shirts every where. When I reached Semanggi, all of the 8K runners was gone because they must took U turn and run on other side of the road. Meanwhile, I tried to increase my pace and catched up to the red t-shirt runners. In Sudirman, only few people that I had passed, but when I took U-turn in front of Al Azhar mosque in the 8.5 kilometers, I passed a lot of runners. As far as I saw, there were no one who still running, only me who had non-stop running from start to the finish line. Or maybe all of the runners were already finished? :rolling eyes

I felt comfortable in my running, I just jogged at pace 7 minutes per¬†kilometer. At 12th kilometers, I felt my right foot was hurt,¬†maybe it¬†caused by my expired old¬†running shoes (still find ways to have permition to buy new one:p). The peak¬†of my tiredness was¬†at 14th kilometers,¬†I was very thristy, I had bitter mouth, there was no water station¬†at all, and my right foot became very painful. I could hold on for the bruised¬†foot, but¬†I¬†didn’t stand¬†for dehidration. At last there was¬†water station 200 meters ahed, I grabbed two glasses of water, one for drink and another to pour my head, so I felt fresh again.

Only three kilometers to go, I kept on running and motivated my self not to walk or even stop. When I saw the finish line, I rose my pace and finished with a big smile ūüôā

1 hour and 53 minutes for 17K. I proud of it.

Please bear in my mind, absorb in my brain, tattoo in my skins to not to be late again ūüėÄ


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