Posted by: dhanichagi | July 26, 2013

Hilarious Moment When I Was Cycling to I/A/L/F/

Bicycle park @ I/A/L/F/

Bicycle parking lot @ I/A/L/F/

Yesterday was very unforgettable moment for me. I was fasting, I broke my seat post screwdriver, and while I was cycling without a saddle at 2 o’clock afternoon, my tires were flat twice. OMG…! I just kept smile and enjoyed every moment when I was standing on my bicycle and pedaling…

I got up at 4 o’clock, had early breakfast and went to I/A/L/F Kuningan at 6 o’clock. I had checked my bicycle in the night before, so I did not have any suspicious thought about my bicycle. I used to start cycling at 5.45, but I was late 15 minutes. As a result, I must increased my pace to get to there on time.

There are many routes to reach I/A/L/F. Naughty me, I usually take contra-flow from Buncit until Kuningan traffic light. It is less crowded, not to polluted, and I can cycling slowly without being worried for motorist who want to smash my bicycle from behind. For your information, I had been smashed before, not only from my back, but also from front.

Suddenly, while I was cycling in Buncit, I heard crack on my saddle. I felt very hurt when my bottom hit the slipped saddle. I stopped my bicycle and tried to find the cause of the problem. It seemed that the saddle not in the right rail of the seat post because one of the screwdriver was broken. Blame me for not given lubricant on steel or metal parts of my bicycle and it was 8 years old screwdriver. 😦

What should I do? Should I got back and tried to knock on the door Joni’s Bicycle Shop? Since I only had limited time left, so I kept pedaling with standing position. It was very tired, my arms must grabbed the handle bar firmly, my legs always kept cycling. I did not have any choice for my legs to rest, considering I did not have a saddle to sit on 😀

Finally, I arrived at the Plaza Kuningan bicycle parking lot safely. Yeaaay!
For you who want to ride your bike to I/A/L/F, no worries mate, there is bicycle parking lot 🙂

But it was not over yet. I have my class finished at 2 o’clock, and same as in the morning, I had to go home by my unfit bicycle. I was very thirsty to cycle below the shining sun light. Sure I could manage it, not bad as you think mate.
The situation became worst when my rear tire was flat.
I had two spare tires, both of them already had been patched before. About three patches for each tires. That was worried me…
Surprisingly, I found big screwdriver on my wheel, which made big holes on my outer and inner tube of my tire. I succeeded to change the tire and continued cycling.

There was Araya Bicycle Shop in Mampang, sadly, the mechanics couldn’t fix my bicycle. So, I straightly went to Joni’s Bicycle Shop in Pejaten. Lucky me, Joni could solve the problem by replacing the screwdriver with little modification. In the time I wanted to go home, my rear tire flat again. I was not quite surprise since I knew there were already 3 holes on that tire. Hehehe…

To sum up, please check your bicycle once again before you leave your house. Also it is important to lubricate your steel bicycle and it components to prevent corrotions.

P.S. always bring cable ties, just in case

My steel bike :D

My steel bike 😀



  1. Semoga digantikan dengan saddle dan seatposh yang lebih baik Om.. Roda Link lagi diskonan seatposh KORE dan saddle FIZIK. #eh

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