Posted by: dhanichagi | July 8, 2013

Hitch Hiker On My Bicycle


Last month I went to Pasar Gembrong and bought horse for my daughter 🙂
I was cycling for 20 kilometers with big horse on my bicycle  and many people especially children were pointing on my horse 😛



  1. aww! so lovely! what a sweet father are you! :’)

    Nice to found this blog, I’m Nafis from Bandung. I’ve read several of your article here, and automatically inspired me to take a trip with my bike.

    Tapi pulangnya langsung pegel, soalnya maksain! 😦

    • Thank you very much Nafis 🙂 Keep follow my blog, I hope I can share stories about my trip in cycling or running 😀

      *masih pegel2 juga klo diajak lari*

  2. So sweet… gak mampir si dh nyampe gembrong? Cm 2x gowes kali.. dh nyampe rumah gw Dhan. Hehe. Keep on bloging ya Dhan.. Waiting for your story from Ostrali 🙂
    Ps: takjub liat bbrp tulisan Dhani yg pk enggres. Rapih booo grammarnya. Hehe 😉

    • Oalaaah.. Tau gitu gw mampir:p
      Aduh grammar gw paraaah. Gw nulis 5 halaman, komentar teacher nya sampe hampir 2 halaman :))
      Siap! Mohon doanya supaya diberi kelancaran di negeri sebrang ya:)

  3. […] uphill to Kampung Awan, and the last was Romod track. In daily use to commute, I always use my UCC Rolling Steel because its more stiff and has less value. Hey, its my rat bike *sorry […]

    • Hello, I wonder whether you could tell me if you like your Rolling Steel bike? I am thinking of buying one to take cycle touring to Mongolia. regards, Chris

      • Hi Chris, I like it very much. UCC Rolling Steel is very cheap, only $70 for its frame. It’s made from steel, so you can weld it if something happens on your trip. Due to not having much time to have long distance cycling, I only tested it to Bandung, approximately 170km with steep hills. However, it needs some modifications to attach the back pannier rack. I also used to have Surly Troll. IMHO, I feel more comfortable to ride The Rolling Steel than Surly Troll. From where do you want to start your touring trip?

        Good luck! 🙂

        Cheers, Dhani


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