Posted by: dhanichagi | June 24, 2013

My First 10K

Andi and beautiful wayang

Andi and beautiful wayang runner

Jakarta International 10K 2013 was my first 10K!
In the end of May, I asked my friends in the office to jog in Lapangan Banteng, a park, football field and running track that located in Central Jakarta. Lucky me, several of my friends loved to join jogging with me every afternoon. In the first week of exercise, we managed to run for three kilometers with interval running (three minutes running and one minute walking) 😀
One month later, we could run for four kilometers with 15 minutes running! Superb :p
For personal ego and achievement for what we have done in the last one month, we enrolled Jakarta International 10K (JI10K). It was very exciting moment for us since JI10K was the first race that we had.

Sunday morning, I took first train to Juanda from Tanjung Barat Station. At dawn, I walked from my house to the train station. It was very cold and windy morning, I pulled up and tightened my jacket zip and walked faster. About 15 minutes later, I already sat in a train with most passengers sleeping except two girls with uniform that written Paskibraka 2013 on their trousers (Paskibraka: Bendera Pusaka Flag Hoisting Troop). As soon as the train arrived at Juanda Station, I had subuh prayer and went to our meeting point.

After short preparation, me, Lutfi, Farida, and Andi, Farida’s husband, began to walk to the starting line. We amazed to see thousand of people gathered in Monas, especially when we spotted Indorunners with their unique costumes. There were wayang, spiderman, mini mouse, boy scout with balloon like in the “Up” movie, indians, and many more. After Governor Jokowi launched the race, we slightly ran and suddenly Governor jumped from the podium and started running with us. Lutfi was so excited so that he shouted to the Governor loudly…
(I wore my hat and then left him…) 😛
After that, I saw Maylaffayza, Indonesian violinist. So, I told Lutfi that woman in front of us was Maylaffayza. One second later, Lutfi shouted again: “Mba Mayaaaa…”
Despite Lutfi spelled wrong name, Maylaffayza replied politely. So sweet isn’t it?

We ran together until Dukuh Atas. Later on, Lutfi and Andi couldn’t run anymore and started to run and walk. Surprisingly, Farida could run about five kilometers up to Semanggi. Meanwhile, I kept running slowly to follow Farida’s pace and gave her support to complete the race. After one hour and 33 minutes, we successfully finished the race!

I set the bar quite slow in my first race. Well, it didn’t matter as far as I could enjoy the race with my friends and had precious moment 🙂



  1. Excelent job Om..
    Ensure this is the first and will
    be continued by another run!! 🙂

    • Next target: Adidas KOTR! 😀

  2. You know bro i was not that excited to Mr. JW, i shouted him bcause i just wanna asked what made him so flat wakakak…
    Super cooool for mb. Farida but i didnt think that Mr. Farida finished the race heheheh @ mas Andi peace no war 🙂
    I think i did better than your an hour and 33 menutes run bro since i got the banana and several glasses of milo first wakakaka……

    • Yup, you got two bananas and more than 6 glasses of Milo 😛 Next: Jakarta Marathon ok!

      • I am not sure about the Jak Marathon bro considering the registration fee, do u think it worth a try???

      • I want to try half marathon 😀 4 months to go!

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