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Got Hit By a Motorcycle :(

About two weeks ago I got hit by a motorcycle. It was very silly crash because motorcycle who crashed me was ridden by a kid, maybe 13 years old boy. *Sadly but true…

At cloudy Saturday morning, me and Bertand arrived at Ki Oni’s house in Bogor to cycling uphill. At his house, we met Om Wharid, one of the member of Rodex and Ki Oni’s friend. Our main purpose was to cycling to Javana Spa in Sukabumi, more than 40 kilometers uphill from Bogor. I didn’t have any idea what route were going to be. Was it full uphill? Off road? Or just fun on road cycling.

Bertand @ Jalan Raya Sukabumi

Bertand @ Jalan Raya Sukabumi

I rode my Surly Troll, and that was my 2nd trip to ride my Troll on uphill road. I intended to write review about Surly Troll on uphill on road and off road to Sukabumi. But it seemed that I should try another trip to complete my review…

In the beginning of our trip, Ki Oni took us to Tajur. It was slightly uphill on road but Ki Oni managed us to cycling full speed. I tried to catch him with my unprepared feet for cycling with power. I was pouring sweat a lot, had trouble to control my breath, and started to left behind… 😀

At last we stopped a little while on Ciawi intersection. We turn left to Sukabumi street and then joined with all of the convoy of container trucks, crowded angkot and scrambled motorcycles. We tried to avoid nasty holes on road and sometimes went off road on the side walk which full of gravel and more holes. With Specialized Stumpjumper full suspension bike, Bertand could control his bike with bunny hop and jumped above the holes. Meanwhile, with hardtail and rigid fork, I tried to follow him with all of my body strength and flexibelity to absorb the vibration 😀

Bogor coret

Bogor coret

There were a lot of trucks in Sukabumi because we could see many factories for machine and clothing on the side of the Sukabumi’s main street. There were also many water resources in Sukabumi, so that many mineral water plant there. Trucks distribute mineral water bottles, gallons and also container. The main problem was many trucks couldn’t get their speed, they must struggled to carry their goods on uphill and gravel road. Of course it made us felt difficult to cycling behind these trucks 😦

We had our breakfast at 9 o’clock in Cicurug, about 24 kilometers from Bogor, and speed up to continue our journey to Cidahu. This uphill on road trip was quite good because the weather not too hot and the road was quite empty, just few angkot and motorcycles. But the situation changed when we enter Cidahu street. The sun was shining so bright and we was sweating a lot. I opened my jersey zip until half of my shirt to reduce the heat. *lapkeringet*

Tandjakan panas Cidahu

Tandjakan panas Cidahu

When I wanted to take a rest in Indomaret, suddenly motorcycle hit me from opposite direction. I crashed with front wheel of motorcycle hit my chest until I couldn’t breath. Many locals didn’t understand of first aid. They removed me from the road when I still tried to conscious my self and it felt very hurt!

Soon after the accident, the kid who drove the motorcycle ran away. He didn’t realized that what had he done was very dangeraous. He didn’t hit the brakes, crashed my bike, and made my chest swollen very bad. My friends helped me and called nearest hospital to pick me with an ambulance, but I refused it. With my ribs, chest, and thigh swollen and hurts very bad, I tried to cycle slowly 12 kilometers to the nearest hospital.



In emergency room, the doctor gave me an X-ray and examined my breath, lung, and blood circulation. He said that there was no leak in my lung. So what made me couldn’t breath was the swollen on my chest and ribs. In his opinion, X-ray photo shown no fracture ribs, furthermore it must be analyzed by radiology doctor who only available twice a week in this hospital… Then he gave me pain killer pill and asked me to be observed for two hours.

At 17.00, I felt much better and finally the doctor decided to let me go home after final diagnosis. An hour later, we took angkot to Bogor and then Bertand drove me home to Jakarta. Thanks a lot Bertand, Ki Oni, and Om Wharid for accompanied me from 7.00-20.00 😀

Main dokter2an

Main dokter2an

Right now, my ribs still hurts and I still can’t cycling. I hope next two weeks I could start cycling uphill again 🙂



  1. ckckck…parah bang
    semoga lekas sembuh

    • terima kasih ya Kamila. Jenguk dong sambil bawain bubur ayam :p *eh

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