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Dahon MuP8 Folding Bike Uphill to Pura

Slippery bridge

Slippery bridge

In January, Bertand asked me to guide him to Pura. He was curious about my story when I was cycling to Pura with Abdu and Iyunk. He told me that he wanted to cycling uphill because he hadn’t climb for a long time. Then he asked his friend, which is a girl, to join us.  Unfortunately, at that time I didn’t have any mountain bikes at my home. There was only Dahon MuP8 20′ folding bike with single 53T crank and 8 speed sprockets. Actually it’s my mom’s bicycle 😀 and I rode it only if I hadn’t got anything to ride.

Besides only had folding bike to ride, I didn’t have any shoes and hand gloves 😦
Well it didn’t matter, I still had Eiger mountain sandals to keep my feet pedaling. Furthermore, I tried cycling with bare hands, without any hand gloves *lap keringet*
About six o’clock I arrived at Bertand’s house. He was shocked to know that I brought folding bike to his house. When we reached Bogor, our start point, he seemed surprised to know that I wore sandals for this uphill trip 😀

We prepared our bike before we rode it for climbing section to Pura. For folding bike, one of the most important thing to check was the folding system. We must sure that we locked the folding parts properly. Locked it together, and tightened the stem to the headset, seatpost, handlebar and frame.

Uphill on concrete road

Uphill on concrete road

I couldn’t had high cadence when cycling with my folding bike (cadence is the number of revolutions of the crank per minute). Because of it big crank of course. So, I pedaled slowly and enjoyed Ciapus inclined road. When we got to the T junction to Pura, the road ascend gradually and became more steep. It was the beginning of my biggest effort to step the pedal with all of my power and my weight.

The difficulties that I had when cycling uphill with folding bike, especially in macadam road, were the handlebar more difficult to control because it had long stem from headset. Furthermore, with only 20′ tires, I must choose the easiest path to ride on the offroad. After that, without wore cleat pedals and bike shoes, the only power that I had was only downward power for pedaling. It made me feel uncomfortable because I always wear clipless pedal for cycling. With only 20′ x 1.5′ semi slick tires, I should had right body position to adjust my weight when cycling offroad, so the tires couldn’t skid and still had traction. Right body position is one of the mountain bike techniques that needed to conquer obstacle such as rocks, tree roots, water, mud, etc.

Om Tedi with his Karate Monkey

Om Tedi with his pink Karate Monkey

When we wanted to climb the last uphill road to Pura, suddenly Ki Oni and Om Tedi appeared with Surly bikes! Ki Oni rode his brand new Troll and Om Tedi with his pink Karate Monkey. Yup, it was repainted Surly Karate Monkey in pink color 😀
We took a rest, had a bottle of Pocari Sweat, and little snack in front of Pura’s gate. While enjoying our drinks, we were chatting about bicycle (not surprised huh?:p). Those Surly bikes made me very interested to buy try it. It was quite heavy, had long top tube, and high bottom bracket clearance. One of the main attractions of Troll is it fits for 26′ and 27′ fat tires. Karate Monkey had wider tires size, its 29er bike.

After had test drive of both Surly bikes, we tried to cycling to Tower above Pura. The first uphill was impossible to climb by folding bike. I was striving to push the pedal downward with all of my power, but it didn’t work. I got off my bike and started to walk… 😦
After further discussion, we decided to turn back home with different route to Bogor.

Mount Salak

Mount Salak

That was decision that I regretted. It was descend macadam road! I was struggling to control my folding bike. My arms and feet already had been bent to absorb vibration from my alloy fork and frame. To end this misery, I  rarely used my brakes, so I could descend faster and tried to enjoy the vibration of my folding bike. In the end, my stem folding lock were wobbly (need wrench #8 to fix it).

It was very hilarious experience to uphill and downhill with folding bike, especially on macadam road. No, I’m not interested to repeat it again 😀



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