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55 Kilometers Cycling to Marta’s Wedding Reception


One of my friend in Indonesian Biking Adventure (IBA), an event organizer for cycling and running, got married last Sunday. His name is Marta Murfeni, junior class mountain bike world champion in Australia. He invited us to come to his wedding reception which was held at Kembang Desa Restaurant in Bogor. Of course we were very happy to hear that news and very enthusiast to attend the wedding reception by cycling 55 kilometers away! πŸ˜€

I prepared my UCC Rolling Steel touring bike a night before. I checked the air pressure, brakes, gears, panniers and washed the whole bike include the chain which I seldom wash it *nyengir*
I also packed batik shirt and trousers in my pannier, so I could change my jersey with batik before entered the wedding reception hall. For me, it’s not appropriate and not polite if you come to the wedding reception as a sacred ceremony with jeans, T shirt and sandals.
*the fact: i was wear batik shirt in the wedding reception but with short pants*

Sunday morning rain was falling. I kept cycling in hurry through the rain because i was late. The meeting point was at IBA’s office in Pondok indah at 6 o’clock but I started to cycling from my house in Tanjung Barat at a quarter to six. I had no time to eat my breakfast, so I grabbed a pack of sandwich and ate it while cycling :p
It was weird experience to have my breakfast in the dark while cycling 20 kilometers per hour and with some drops of rain. Hahaha…

Agung and his Giant vintage MTB with 8 speed XT groupset

Agung and his Giant vintage MTB with 8 speed XT groupset

At last I arrived at IBA’s office at 6.20. I met Agung, Devin, Ocat, Max Agung Pribadi, Abu, and Aray who just finished his 30 minutes jogging. We had some conversation, about bike for sure, while they prepared their bicycle for this trip. Agung rode Giant Yukon chromoly mountain bike with old school XT 8 speed group set while Devin rode his DLT folding bike. Ocat prepared his Decathlon 700 Rockrider vintage mountain bike and Max Agung Pribadi with his legendary local brand Federal Mount Everest! Abu and Aray also with their steel bike. I didn’t know what brand it were because their bicycles already had been repainted.

At a quarter past seven, we started to cycling to Bogor through Rempoa-Ciputat-Parung-Bogor. Devin and Ocat lead the way alternately. Devin used the biggest crank at the beginning of the trip. I tried to catch him with all of my power and it made me sweat so much *fiuh*
After we reach Pamulang, there were three cyclists join us. One of them rode single speed onthel bike with coaster brake and they were very fast!

Met Ranger at Parung

Met Ranger at Parung

We continued our journey to Parung where we met about 40 cyclists from Ranger ( Tangerang bicycle community). They also wanted to ride to Bogor for their own occasion and also to attend Marta’s wedding. Ranger were very solid, they ride from Tangerang to Bogor just to have their new 2013 jersey. All of the members should cycling to Bogor if they want to have one. Cool wasn’t it? πŸ˜€

We took a rest before Bogor underpass at Soleh Iskandar Road. I raised my helmet for the only woman cyclist in our group (i forgot her name) hehehe… She was cycling from Joglo to Bogor with her Polygon Heist and could follow our pace.
After we took short brake, we resumed our trip to Padjajaran Road, then turn right to Pangrango road and arrived at the venue at half past ten.

The bride and groom welcomed us at the front window of the hall and very thankful that we attended to the wedding far away by cycling from Jakarta. We changed our clothes with batik shirt and enjoy the wedding reception by took pictures with Marta and his wife and tried delicious food. Nyam Nyam..
We also met many cyclists at the wedding, Doctor Aristi, Fannie, Intan, Pak Adam, Om Feri, Ataufik, Ranger, Dodot, and Om Petrus without his dslr camera πŸ˜€

The Bride and Groom with Princess from Egypt :D

The Bride and Groom with Princess from Egypt

Me, Agung, Abu, and Aray decided to go back to Jakarta earlier than the others. Before we went home, we attended one of Wanadri’s member wedding reception, also held in Bogor. After very quick chit chat with Wanadri’s members in the wedding, we immediately went home with very fast speed. It was very windy afternoon when we reached Parung. We had to cycle with extra power to encounter the wind. Our head must ducked until almost reached handlebar.

Almost 110 kilometers cycling to attend wedding reception, it was a personal record for me.

Thanks a lot friends! Nice trip, good teamwork, and very memorable wedding πŸ™‚



  1. Congratulation!!
    Happy wedding.. *tiup terompet*

    • *tiup lilin* *matikan lampu* .3gp xixixi…

  2. Muantab Foto2nya Di Tunggu Undangannya Kang Devin Hehe

    • Ayo Om David Rey ditunggu realisasinya πŸ˜€

  3. Klo gak salah yang pakai ontel itu ady tatto anak KOBA teman touring waktu ke jogja

    • Oia Om Ady. Mantab tuh, kenceng banget! Remnya pake torpedo pulak *sungkem*

  4. Dia memang kenceng om!
    Aku aja baru ngrasain mtb 6 bulan, untung aja di cikarang ada cikarangmtb yang bisa jadi patokan. Lumayan bisa merasakan andrenalin yang berbeda dari ontel

    • Oalaaah dari Cikarang tho om. Salam buat temen2 MTB Cikarang ya! Pernah satu kali gowes bareng ke Curug Panjang dengan Om HPW juga

  5. OK!
    Akhir bulan mei CIKARANGMTB mau adain acara KOLOSAL#11 ayo ngikut om!

    • Insya Allah klo ada kesempatan ya om πŸ˜€

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