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Trapped at Sukamantri Rain Forest

Bertan at Kujang Rider Gate

Bertan at Kujang Raider Gate

Last year, me and my high school friends (Abdu and Bertan) had a great adventure uphill cycling. Trapped in tropical rain forest, more precisely…
We went to Bogor by Bertan’s car. It was a Toyota Innova with mounted bike rack system which attached with the car frame. It could carry up to two bicycles and other bicycle putted in the car. At 7.30, we arrived in Bogor, had a breakfast and then prepared for our uphill trip.
About 30 minutes later, we was cycling to Ciapus Street. It was uphill onroad to Sukamantri. The road was too congested, especially when we need to cycle uphill. Too many angkot, cars and motorbikes. Actually there was another road that we could pass through but unfortunately i forgot the exact route :p
After we reached T-junction to Sukamantri, Bertan want to have brunch 😀
Me and Abdu didn’t join him because there were many uphill sections ahead.

Abdu and Bertan on the smooth asphalt
Abdu and Bertan on the smooth asphalt

There were many changes uphill road to Sukamantri. Couple of years ago, the road still “heaven” for MTB offroad uphill. But now it was a smooth asphalt covered up 80% of our uphill trip that day. I missed uphill on the gravel and slippery macadam road. It required good techniques and endurance to accomplish all of the offroad uphill sections in Sukamantri. Now, not anymore…
The only offroad sections was few meters before Kujang Raider Gate.

After we reached Kujang Raider Gate, we took pictures and continued our journey on 12 curves macadam road in the middle of pine forest. On each curve we saw board that motivates troopers of Kujang Rider in their training (Sukamantri also as a training camp for Indonesian Army). One of the board written: “It’s better to have a lot of sweat when training than to have a lot of bleeding in the real war”.

Macadam uphill road
Macadam uphill road

At last we reached Sukamantri at 11.00 with empty stomach. We directly went to stalls and ordered fried rice and Indomie. At Sukamantri, we could see Bogor city view, students and boy scout who camping and a lot of monkeys who try to steal their food 😀

After took a rest, we prepared our self to go home through waterfalls and Gunung Gede Pangrango rain forest.

In the beginning, the situation of the rain forest still the same like used to, and then situation changed when our path blocked by fallen tree. Not only one, but there were three trees that closed our usual footpath. We must jumped, got through, or circled the tree. It was very exhausting trip. Our food and drink were empty and our stomach began to hungry. We couldn’t went back, we just keep tried to reach home.

Road Blocked
Road Blocked

That was the first time since 2006, i saw the waterfall full of water and the water was fallen to the bottom of the cliff. Maybe because the rainfall volume in the last two days in Bogor that cause fallen tree and the water volume in the river became full.

It seems that the footpath became dead end. The only path that still available to reach was 1.5 meters above. We must climbed to reach it and passed our bike one by one.

Abdu tried to reach my foot:p
Abdu tried to reach my foot:p

So it wasn’t cycling in the rain forest but it was bike carry in the rain forest.

Finally we reached pine forest, it was top of the peak of our journey. There was no uphill anymore. Just single track downhill all the way until Bogor.

Well we think we didn’t wanna go to Sukamantri waterfall again if the situation still like this. We were so desperate, no food, no drink, no civilization, but thanks God that we arrived home safely.

Pine forest at Sukamantri
Pine forest at Sukamantri

P.S. Abdu’s pulley became the victim in this trip. His rear derailleur pulley broken because tree branch. Be careful next time tuk!



  1. Berasa kayak disuruh ngarang bahasa inggris di kelas LBI… 😀 koreksi aja tuh namanya Bertan, ditambahin d belakangnya… Ha…ha ga penting ya koreksi gw.. 😀 keren,Dhan track sepedaannya. Pengalaman kyk gitu tuh yg ga bisa lo dapat di mana2, atau tergantikan dg apapun. 🙂

    • Oalaah emang namanya salah yak?:p Baru nyadar xixixi… Ayo Nggi, kapan2 ikutan yuk! Tapi trek yang gampang aja:D

  2. Makin ciamik english lo tuk!!kyk baca blog luar 🙂 tambahin link yutub tuk :p

    • Wah nilai writing gw malah jelek tuk:p Linknya taro disini aja tuk

  3. bagi yang pingin sepeda alternatif untuk bersantai, kami builder sepeda kustom di bandung. kunjungi kami di 3abike. com

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