Posted by: dhanichagi | December 5, 2012

Outbound and Rafting at Citarik


Drawning 😀

Last month, me and my office colleagues went to Citarik Sukabumi to have outbound activities. We went to Sukabumi after office hour at 5 p.m., then we drove through Cempaka Putih toll road until exit toll Ciawi in Bogor. After that, we continued our journey to Sukabumi street-Cikidang and arrived at Kaki Langit Adventure Camp at 11.30 p.m.

We had Dunia Outbound as our EO to organize everything that we need in the event. When we arrived to the camp, Mr Tedi, Dunia Outbound trainer, welcome us and explained the activities that we would have tomorrow.
We ate roasted corn and drank bandrek as welcome drink. Bandrek is traditional drink from West Java which is made from ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar, and clove. It made our body warm, and felt fresh again.

In the morning, we had a lot of fun. Started with  introduction and greeting by the trainer and also by our head office, stretching, games, breakfast, and preparation for rafting. Before we started to have rafting, we must wear several equipment such as life jacket, helmet, mountain sandals, and bring our paddle to the starting point. There were three pickup cars took us to the starting point about three kilometers from our camp. Up and down macadam road that we passed were very enjoyable if we rode bicycle to the starting point, not by pickup cars that had been modified to carry human -_-

When we arrived to the starting point in Citarik River, we were amazed of the torrent river stream. Citarik River has grade 3 difficulty for rafting. Because it was raining season, the stream was perfect to have rafting. About nine rafts were ready to use, which each raft occupied up to seven people. We had two instructors for each raft to help us conquered the Citarik River. The instructors demonstrated how to paddle, and explained the instruction that would be given when we rafting.

It was only five kilometers rafting but it really pump our adrenaline when we paddle through big stream. The instructor drove our raft into the big streams with his command to our raft members.


After finished rafting, we went back to the camp and prepared for paintball. Before playing paintball, we must wore several equipment to protect our body, such as army clothes and trousers, chest protector, mask and goggles. After that, the instructor gave us briefing how to fire paintball rifle properly, so we could hit the target precisely and not get injured.

The battle begin!
It was very exciting game. Many of my friends acted like in the real war. They jumped, rolled over, and crawled like soldier 😀
Unfortunately, there were 30 bullets for one person. So, me and couple of my friends had to leave the battle field because we ran out of ammo. Some of them got injured because the bullet went through his/her clothes.

We were very tired and exhausted, but everybody felt happy, excited, and had a lot of fun in this outbound. Team work, cooperation, patient, express new ideas, experience, and new point of view, those all the things that we had in this outbound. Of course we looking forward to have another outbound with longer distance for rafting! That’s the main expectation.



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