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Onroad Uphill To Mang Ade+RA Classic

Nice Single Track

On 17 November 2012, I had a ‘galau’ cycling with Abdu. Why?
Because we didn’t know where to go even when we had reach Bogor Train Station. We had a little discussion until we decided to cycling uphill to Mang Ade in Puncak Pass.

Mang Ade is a name and also the owner of food stall in Puncak Pass, Bogor. It’s very famous place for cyclist. Every cyclist who want to cycling in Puncak area, usually have breakfast at Mang Ade and it’s starting point for various tracks in Puncak.

Bogor Train Station (271 m)

We took economy train from Jakarta to Bogor and arrived at 7 o’clock. It took only 45 minutes and cost Rp.4,000 (40 cents) for two tickets. We started to cycling at 7.15 to Katulampa Dam in Bogor. We was cycling along the riverbank to reach Katulampa Dam. It was shortcut to Gadog, and had shorter distance than Tajur Street. Around 8 o’clock, we reached Katulampa Dam and continued to Ciawi Rest Area untill Puncak Raya Street.

Katulampa Dam

Nothing special when cycling from Gadog to Puncak Pass via Puncak Raya Street. It was only 20 kilometers uphill on smooth asphalt. The challange was we must compete with another vehicles when cycling uphill! From motorbikes, cars, and also busses who wanted to reach Puncak Pass.
Yup! Same as Jakarta’s traffic but full of uphill and cold weather.
When we was cycling uphill, the traffic had been change become one way to Puncak. So, we could cycling without many problems to avoid vehicles. But there was one speeding car and almost hit me when he tried to pass angkot 😦

It’s not Jakarta’ traffic, but Puncak!

Mang Ade Puncak Pass (1502 m)

At 10.25, finally I reached Mang Ade after 32 kilometers ride! It was very tired uphill. Maybe because I rarely cycling uphill lately, only once a month. Moreover, my time record was longer 20 minutes than my previous trip to Puncak Pass.
About 15 minutes later, Abdu arrived with his big smile. I congratulated him, because that was the second time he cycling to Puncak Pass and had same time record.

After we ate fried rice as our brunch, we prepared our trip to go home through RA Classic offroad track while everyone else prepared to start their offroad trip. Before we started our journey home, we had an opportunity to take picture with Mang Ade 😀

Mang Ade

To get into the track, we must buy ticket first. Official ticket to enter RA Track was Rp.10,000 ($1). We got the receipt and a bottle of Walini Tea. The money from ticket is used for track maintenance and as permission to enter the Gunung Mas tea plantation and the tropical rainforest.

RA Classic Offroad Track

RA Classic, as far as I know, is a name of the first track in Puncak which has starting point from macadam road near Rindu Alam Restaurant. The second track is NuRA (New RA), maybe next time I will try NuRA, if I still remember the route :p

In the beginning of the track, I bent my arm when passing macadam road, but still couldn’t handle the offroad thrill sensation when my bike hit the rocks. It was very beautiful view of the rainforest in Puncak and also the tea plantation. We had descended single track  which full of mud but still could be pedaling in that section. Furthermore, there were some sections that my hardtail bike couldn’t pass it. Its so steep descend, too deep single track and too many slippery rocks.

Abdu with his big smile at macadam road

There were only one uphill section. It called “Tandjakan Ngehe”. Two kilometers uphill with concrete asphalt and single track mud. Great!

The beautiful view of the tea plantation that hampering the hills, cool air without any pollution, adrenaline rush when we could reach the top of the hill or could descend without fall off the bike. It so great!

Last time I went to RA classic on last January. So, I forgot the exact route 😀 We were very lucky that at every intersections, there were other cyclists or local residents that show us the way.

Go Green!

At last we reached Gadog again and went down to Katulampa Dam and went home by 16.25 Commuter Line Train.

Great uphill!
Great offroad!
Remind me to repeat it again but with different offroad track 😀

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  1. I want a remedial tuk :p

    • Bulan depan nyok! Urus visa dulu. Nyambung ke NuRA tuk:D

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