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Paseban, Never-Ending Fun Uphill

OMG! Eko was very excited that we found uphill section 😀

Last week, me and Om Eko Cimanggis had a never-ending uphill. We was cycling to Paseban which had 1,200 meters high above sea level :O

It was raining while my wife, my mother, and Naura drove me to Juanda Street in Cimanggis (76 meters above sea level). And then I started cycling to Pekapuran, to Eko’s house. It only took about 15 minutes to arrive in front off his alley. At 7.30, we continued our journey through JPT (toll side road) from Citereup to Sentul.

JPT is a single track which extend along side Jagorawi toll road. In the first kilometer, we were cycling trough cement and gravel single track. That was the best way to reach Sentul beside Bogor Raya Street or Mayor Oking- Pahlawan Street. The end of the JPT is Olympic Street near exit ramp Sentul Circuit.

Gunung Geulis 560 meters above sea level
Our first check point was Gunung Geulis Golf and Resort. From Sentul, we were cycling through Petronas and then turned right before Bukit Pelangi. It was cross country track. I really enjoyed this track, because it was not hot as Bojong Koneng KM.0, still had a lot of trees and the villagers were very friendly. Further more, the track to Gunung Geulis was very ‘flat’, we only had uphill section in the last kilometer to Gunung Geulis gate. More over, we could see golfers and caddies in the golf course :p

It was piece a cake, said Eko :D

It was piece a cake, said Eko 😀

In the check point, there was a warteg which full of cyclist. Warteg is the name for traditional restaurant, usually provides home made Indonesian (javanese or sundanese) food. To reach warteg, we must climbed about one kilometer from the golf course. After that, we continued to climb again to the exit gate of Gunung Geulis and went to Cikatapis-Megamendung. Overall, cycling to Cikatapis through Gunung Geulis was not challenging as if we were cycling through Bojong Koneng KM.0. But it was enjoyable cross country cycling 🙂

Cikatapis Megamendung-Cilember 766 meters above sea level
After had  enough rest in Gunung Geulis, we continued cycling uphill to Cikatapis Megamendung via Mbah Arya graveyard. The track was a concrete single track, not too difficult to climb, and had rolling contour. We had been cycling for 44 kilometers and it was 10.30 when we had another pitstop to refill our b-don. We passed a lot of cyclist who descended to the finish line in Gadog, but also we met about 10 folding bike cyclists who climbed from Sentul to Curug Panjang!
ckckckck… Bravo…!

From Cikatapis-Megamendung to Cilember, we were cycling via Puncak Raya Street. Actually there was offroad section to Cilember, but unfortunately we didn’t try it because it would took a lot of time if we must search another road that we didn’t know before. About 300 meters Puncak main road, we turned left to Cilember street, before Matahari Park.

Cilember street was pretty smooth asphalt. It was slightly uphill with some long and steep uphill section like the first picture above. Then again a lot of cyclist with full suspension bikes passed us by, some of them were women which rode high end bikes

*lap iler*

Maybe they from Telaga Warna track and wanted to go home immediately

*they were descending quite fast on the smooth asphalt*

At last we saw traffic sign that indicates uphill section ahead. It was long and steep uphill. We managed to handle it. It was not easy though we used granny gear:p

It was the end of the smooth asphalt and welcome to the gravel section.

Paseban ( 1,200 meters above sea level)
In this section, we had climbed one long uphill. It was full of rocks that could make our tires slipped.

Uphill on the gravel. Watch out for your front tire

I had got slipped and fallen when my bike hit the slippery rocks 😦
But i managed to get up and went back to cycle again.

After gravel section, we got amaze because the road had been concrete…
There was no macadam road with slippery big stones that cover all the uphill section…

Even though the road had been concrete, it was still hard to conquer it 😀

Finally we reached Paseban village. Om Eko was very excited that we had made a lot of uphill sections. He was curious what it would’ve be if the road had not been concrete.

We were pray Dzuhur in mosque near finish point in Paseban soccer field. Paseban height almost the same as Mang Ade, Rindu Alam Puncak. If we went to the top of the hill, we would found green house owned by bule who plants organic vegetables. Unfortunately, our journey couldn’t be continue due to roadwork 😦
So, we took some pictures and went to Curug Panjang-Megamendung-Gunung Geulis and finally Cimanggis.

Concrete uphill road

*it’s not important to tell the story about the way we got home at 19.30 and had 106 kilometers journey*

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