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Warrior Is Back

If you don’t see the picture above, click and zoom it. There’s uphill track (we call it tandjakan in Bahasa) from left bottom in the pict. The difficult one is cornering while climbing 😀
Location: Tandjakan Naga (Dragon Uphill), Gunung Bunder.


Last Saturday, me and my old friends in Warrior Club, Eko, Agus, and Rambo, cycled up the mountain together after 3 years of ‘hibernation’.
I took 7.15 Commuter Line train from Tanjung Barat Station and arrived in Bogor Station at 8.15. Eko and Agus texted me that they waited in usual warkop near Bogor Station just like 3 years ago 🙂
*so sweet isn’t it*
Then came Rambo on foot with his flat tire bike. I didn’t know his real name but we called him Rambo because his skill in adventure just like Panji Petualang or Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin.

At 8.30 we went to meeting point in  CIMB Bogor and met Om Jali, Tante Intan, Bude Sekar and her 12 years old son, Brama. Yup Brama was join us for uphill ride to Gunung Bunder!
Bude Sekar didn’t join us because she rode single speed Kona cromoly mountain bike.
Ah le sun…
reason! :p

We were heading to Ciapus and start climbing with slow rhythm. Oh i almost forgot! Before we start cycling, my right calf had been kissed by motorcycle exhaust a.k.a knalpot in CIMB Bogor. So i was climbing with sweat and tears, hold my chin up and not to feel the pain..

Tante Intan and Brama tried to beat up uphill track

There was no flat road along first session rode to Ciapus. We had two times pit stops,  to buy Bioplacenton Gel in drugs store for my burn calf and Pocari Sweat for my “burn” throat :p

After one and a half hours climbing Ciapus, we regrouped at Curug Nangka t-section. Had some bread and Fatigon Hydro coconut flavour to fill our stomach. We turn right to Curug Luhur and had some rolling sections. This rolling sections were very unique. The descent was very slope and we cannot descend fast because the bottom of the descent is cornering section. After the corner, there was a hill to climb without any flat road.
Can you imagine that?
So we could not use the gravity effect of descending due to low skill of cornering and many vehicles passed by 😀

Next section was a slippery single track cement road. Well it was raining and we continued to ride. The early stage of this cement road was descending. If we brake our rear wheel too hard, it would skid. So we used front brake to decrease our speed.

The view in this section was great! There were paddy fields and empang (fish ponds) without any noise of cars or motorcycles.

Eng ing eng,,, as you see in the picture on the top of this blog, there was Tandjakan Naga. It took extra efforts to climb Tandjakan Naga. You must kiss your handlebar in order to keep balance the front and rear wheel:p

Tante Intan, Eko, Rambo, and Jali successfully passed Tandjakan Naga while Agus had cramps leg and Brahma seems choose not to push his limit to the top.
We had more descending offroad before we finish to Koi fish pond.
We took a break at the pond and saw many beautiful Koi fish.

After Koi fish pond, there was Tandjakan Koi which was twice harder, triple longer, and more difficult than Tandjakan Naga!

You should act like striking goose to get through this uphill section:p
You could not sit too forward from your saddle because your rear wheel would skid. And also you should have good handling in order to keep your front wheel on the track, since it was only 30 cm wide.

Om Eko successfully conquered Tandjakan Koi

Tandjakan makes me gilaaa. Lucky me, i rode my Giant XTC FR and it’s very good frame to beat uphill track 🙂

We stopped at very beautiful musala and had Zuhur pray.

At 13.30 we finished our trip at Gunung Bunder and had delicious fried rice ever in Gunung Bunder!
One and a half hours later we went back home with different route which was wrong decision because it took longer to get the Bogor Train Station *capedeeeh*

Great uphill trip!
And great uphillers!
Thanks to Om Eko, Jali, Agus, Rambo, Brama, and Tante Intan 🙂

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p.s. sorry for my belepotan english, i just try to practice my english
*percuma ikutan LIA 3 tahun*



  1. Kapan mau nanjak lagi? Aku mau bawa otopet biar ah le sun nya lebih manteb :p

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for taking care of my Brama (no H in the middle)
    It was such a great great ride for him. He keeps saying: ibu, that place is s*ck! Never ending road. I wish I can take my feet off and leave it somewhere!

    But he keeps telling us about all of you and how he thinks better he finds a girlfriend not like tante Intan because he does not want being left behind on that kind of ‘tanjakan’ 😀

    • Upsss… sorry i misspelled Brama’s name 🙂
      Salute for Brama! He could keep the pace for climbing. Even Agus left behind on 3/4 of the trip:p
      I think i ran out of visa for cycling:( hiksss…
      Maybe next month or by the end of March i could apply another visa to my wife and daughter for cycling:D

      • just let me know if you get your visa
        then i will bring Ken’s Radio Flyer 😀

        *zillion reasons to say no for nandjak :p

  2. thumb when you wrote in english..
    anyway.. great story bro.. I really envy 😦

    • Hahaha…
      Jali had been waiting for you about an hour in Lebak Bulus:p
      Next time okay!
      Btw ini juga nulis sambil nanya2 mbah gugel melulu. Ga PD euy:D

  3. Aing teu ngartos euy, ulah enggres-an atuh, susundaan wae atuh lah… :p

    • teuing teuing teteh mana teteh?? 😀

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